New Publicity!! The Food People’s FoodWatching Report

This was written up for the April Issue of whats new and hot in the food world by The Food People. Not bad, not bad…. 🙂 Check out my blog weekly and http://www.facebook.comhellofreshuk for my Hello Fresh Veggie recipes.

Simple step by step instructions, colorful photos to help you along and the ingredients are delivered right to your door- what could be easier than that? Check out  for more details.


Who thefoodpeople are

“the foodpeople are dedicated professionals from across the food industry. We live for food trends and thrive on creating market-leading food concepts. Our team is as talented as it is diverse. From chefs and nutritionists, food technologists and brand specialists to researchers, product illustrators and packaging designers, thefoodpeople team has one thing in common: a passion for food. Together, we have been supporting brands, retailers, manufacturers and service providers around the world with information on food trends and unique food idea generation expertise since 2004”

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