Why you should bring your own lunch to work!


On a recent photo shoot here in London, after shooting outside in 0 degree weather (spring clothing!) I was looking forward to a nice warm, healthy lunch. The reason I say healthy is:
it’s a photo shoot with fashion models. The same models who are supposed to be role models for girls and women everywhere. Now I know a lot of models get a bad rap for their eating habits, however a lot are actually very healthy and strive to make a difference when it comes to body image and dietary behavior. So you would hope that clients, who work in the fashion industry, would want the models working for them to be well fed and feeling good so they can do a good job (and work outside for 12 hours in 0 degree weather with a smile!).

Well apparently not this client.

Sausage rolls, deep-fried pork balls, chips, egg mayonnaise, bacon and cheese sandwiches with coca cola and chocolate bars for desert. Really??

So that’s why I bring my lunch (homemade, fresh, healthy and delicious!) to work.

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