Greece!! A Mediterranean Diet for a week. Holiday eating CAN be healthy!

picisto-20130712123315-525066After a wonderful week in Athens and Paros, Greece, I am home with many recipe ideas under my belt. Vacationing in the Med is one of the healthiest places to relax, eat and return to nature. Basically you swim, sleep, read a good book, go for walks and EAT! How nice to eat out in restaurants where the food is local, seasonal, fresh (sometimes straight out of the sea!) and mostly organic (produce coming from small family farms).

We had eggs that came from hens directly to our basket (haven’t tasted anything like them before), grilled sea bass that had been caught that morning, olive oil produced just down the street and cheeses from the local sheep on the island.  Mmmmm delicious!

The results of the Mediterranean Diet are obvious. Our skin was soft, hair shiny, moods happy and stable (ok the sun and beach had a little to do with that….um and the local wine), we didn’t gain weight, actually lost a little (and we ate to our hearts content!), woke up every morning at 9am without feeling tired, NOT one digestive problem (no gas, bloating or indigestion), just an overall feeling of contentment.

picisto-20130712130458-734044We ate plenty of fresh fish and seafood. We even bought a little BBQ so we could grill at home.

On the Menu:

Greek Salad, Tzatziki, Grilled Sea Bass, Grilled vegetables, Local Olives and Sheep’s Cheese’s, Grilled Octopus and Calamari, Fava Bean Dip, Local honey with fruit and Greek Yogurt, Local- straight from the Farm Scrambled Eggs with Greek Oregano, Stuffed Baked Tomatoes, Dolmades (rice rolled in vine leaves) and more Feta Cheese then I could count!

picisto-20130713063436-199334Recipes coming up soon! So stay tuned.

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