Get These! Kitchen Tools

Yay! The fun stuff- cool “cook like a chef” kitchen gadgets. This is a list of my must have kitchen tools. I’m going to list them from Essential to Creative. Meaning, the ones at the top you should definitely invest in to make cooking fun and easy. I have included links for places to buy.

1. Handheld Blender / Immersion Blender


I like Cuisinart, KitchenAid or Philips. These are very affordable and are so worth their cost. No messy blenders or glass to deal with, you just blend right in the pan, bowl or pot. Simple. Oh and I should mention the clean up….the blade detaches and rinses clean under hot water….amazing!

2. A good quality Knife Set or Chefs Knife

 Now for individual Chefs Knives and sets you can spend anywhere from $25-$2000 So the choice is up to you, if youre not a professional chef than you dont need to spend more than $299 to get a really great quality knife set. I suggest the set because it will come with all of the necessary chopping knives and a sharpener which is very important. But just one good quality chefs knife will also do the trick ($50-$99). I recommend J.A Henkels or Wusthoff brands.

3. Best Peeler Ever!


This peeler is so easy to use, it will change your life! Its either called a Y peeler or sometimes a Speed peeler.

4. Non Stick Cookware set (pots & pans)

 Again, these sets can range from $199-$1000. So its up to you. As long as they are non stick and from a good quality brand (ps. only use wooden utensils in your pans or you can scratch off the non stick coating) you shouldnt have to spend more then $399 to get something decent and long lasting.||FN-Price%20Range|Price%20Range-_-FN-%24100%20-%20%24250|%24250%20-%20%24500-_–_-

5. Dutch Oven, French Oven or Cast Iron Casserole


 These are heavy duty “ovens” usually made from cast iron. This allows the pot to get very heat and retain its temperature for even, slow cooking. This is great for stews, curries, soups and casseroles. You can start on the stove and then put in the oven. These range in size and price, $149-$500, I always ask for mine at xmas time or birthdays 🙂

6. Chopping Block/Cutting board


 This is the real deal, no thin light weight piece of plastic that will slide away from you. This is a piece of heavy, eco friendly, cherry wood, edge grain cutting board. Reversible and beyond durable, great assurance for safe and efficient chopping, slicing and dicing. Again, different sizes and widths, go big, so you have lots of room to work with. This is a great investment.

7. Food Processor


Now these are heavy duty. 700 watt at least, these can do everything from slice, dice, shred, grate, chop, grind or puree. Definitely makes life easier, also easy to clean, dishwasher friendly. One thing to know: this is not a blender. Dont put soup in here, it will spill. You can make everything from salads, dips, dough, (different attachments come with this), slaws, baby food, pastes, sauces. These have come down a lot in price over the years, so they are much more affordable now. They do come in different sizes (cup capacity) but I recommend the 12 cup, as that will suit all of your needs.

9. Stand Mixer


Ahhh isnt she beautiful?! This is a top class kitchen tool. For all of your baking needs. Doughs, pastries, puddings, cakes, cookies, creams, fluffy egg whites, etc etc. If you love to bake this is for you. There are also attachment heads you can purchase later that turns this machine into a food grinder, slicer, shredder, strainer, juicer, pasta maker, ice cream maker. Just SO impressive. Love.

10. Mandoline


 This is great for slicing or julienned fruit and veggies (matchsticks). You can adjust the thickness of the cut by adjusting the blade. Washes in a snap too. It makes it so easy to do, always use the protector though….I can speak from experience…ouch.

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